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Harper’s Bazaar (AU) June/July 2007

In 2007, Dita appeared extensively in Australian Harper’s Bazaar. As guest editor, she modeled her favourite couture from Rosemount Australian Fashion Week. Some of the shots also appeared in international issues. Various scans were doing the rounds so I didn’t bother to post my own. For shame! Here they are now, including all the other Dita related tidbits from the issue:

Anyone else notice the further use of “pocket venus” in this article? As far as I know, it was first coined by Vogue. I’ll have to add this reference to the About section. Photographed by Georges Antoni. Candids: Getty Images. Illustration by Chris Price and Delisia Howard.


  1. I love the hair, I love the clothes… Especially the peach color one, want it!! I would hang it on the wall like art =)

  2. That seemed to be everyone’s favourite at the time, too. It’s why scans where doing the fashionista forum rounds so much.

    I love what was said about it in the video, how the designer (J’Aton) had messages stitched into the folds. I read somewhere once that she often has it written into her contract that she keeps the clothes she models. Perhaps that was the case here.

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