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Dita Von Teese Talks to ELLE

Dita Von Teese Talks to ELLE
By Amy Lawrenson
Thursday, 03 May 2012

We caught up with the world’s most famous Burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese to talk beauty and her blonde roots at a private dinner to launch her debut fragrance.

Ms Von Teese had a busy day Tuesday. She started off at Liberty, the department store that is exclusively stocking her first fragrance Dita Von Teese Eau de Parfum to sign bottles for over 200 eagerly awaiting fans. Dressed in a Herve L.Leroux forest green gown, along with her signature red lips and raven hair styled into a classic 50s ‘do.

We caught up with Dita yesterday evening, dressed in yet another Herve L.Leroux gown (this time gold), at a private dinner to celebrate her fragrance at the Dover Street Arts Club. The intimate event was hosted by Liberty and 30 of Dita’s favourite people, including Christian Louboutin , Roland Mouret , Lulu Guinness and her rumoured boyfriend Theo Hutchcraft from The Hurts (who she was spotted kissing at Coachella a few weeks back) were all in attendance.

‘I wanted to do a fragrance that was really womanly, sophisticated, elegant,’ she told ELLEuk.com. ‘I know a lot of celebrity fragrances are very sweet with fruit and citrus and vanilla, but I wanted to do something really grown up – for women who are proud to be a woman’. Dita takes her beauty seriously, for her it’s not just make-up it’s a way of life. ‘I really feel like I’ve been working my whole life to give myself the look of a femme fatale, you know I’m a blonde girl from a farming town in Michigan’.

And it’s that femme fatale she used as the muse for her debut fragrance. ‘There were a lot of things I thought about [when creating this fragrance] it’s a mixture of me and my favourite way to be, it has the essence of the femme fatale. I was thinking of that and the perfumes my idols would wear like Marlene Dietrich, and you know the perfumes from those eras aren’t vanilla and candy sweet’.

It’s not just the fragrance that has bought her to London. On Monday Dita was at the private view to celebrate Christian Louboutin’s Retrospective Exhibition at The Design Museum, she’s part of the event installed as a life-size dancing hologram. ‘Christian is a really close friend of mine’ she told us, ‘Ali Mudhavi who I worked with on the perfume visuals and almost every campaign that I do, he is my go-to photographer, directed it.’

Besides fragrance, Dita is working to expand her beauty empire this year. ‘I’m coming out with a beauty book this fall, so I’ll be sharing all my tips. I don’t like to keep secrets I like to reveal’. And she’s collaborated with Art Deco on a line ‘it’s my Dita classics’ she told us. The collection, which includes a red lipstick, powder compact and mascara, launches in Germany this May. ‘We’re trying to figure out when it will come out in the UK probably the next couple of months’.

We can’t wait.

Dita Von Teese Eau de Parfum is available at Liberty, from £20 for 20ml.

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