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One of Dita Von Teese’s Early Costumes

PVC Corset with bustle, bra and thong
Custom designed by Versatile Fashions for Dita Von Teese

This was worn by Dita Von Teese at a Suzanne Bartsch 4th of July event at the Mandrian Hotel, 1998.

Bought from Jena Von Teese in January 2010 and recently resold to me. The photos are from the listing, though I’ve scanned the photograph and certificate.


  1. I love seeing costumes from the earlier days of Dita’s appearances/performances. I enjoy looking at the evolution of her career.

  2. ultrafemme, I know! One more bid and I would have been outbid. I was very lucky indeed! :)

    Gabrielle, I have a few other things to post that show some of her earlier costumes. I’ll have to dig them out and post them soon.

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