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ARTDECO: Dita Von Teese Interview

ARTDECO: Dita Von Teese Interview

Dear Dita Von Teese, how and why did you get the idea to develop a makeup collection with ARTDECO?

I have always wanted to have a makeup collection, makeup is such a vital stepping stone to glamour, and it’s something I know a lot about, having worked as a makeup salesgirl for many years, and also since I do my own makeup for all red carpet events, my shows and most photoshoots. ARTDECO approached me and I was thrilled, because they have excellent products and they were willing to let me get very involved in the creation of the colors and textures, and to create things that I think are unique, things I want to use myself, and things that are available at affordable prices.

What do you think is special about the collection?

The lipstick colors are beautiful and unique, I have scoured the world for certain colors I haven’t been able to find, and so I am very proud to have been able to create these unique colors that are vibrant and special versions of brilliant red, orange, magenta, and fuschia tones. Our face powder is also lovely, one of my famous makeup artist friends was marveling at the fine texture, and also loves the rich pigments of our eyeshadows. It’s really thrilling to show these products to a world-class makeup artist and have him ask me how soon he can get some to use on his celebrity clients!

What does makeup means to you in general?

I think that makeup is a wonderful tool to becoming any woman you want to be, it’s something fun and creative, something that allows us to change the way we look without the commitment or danger of surgery. Makeup is the thing that made my idols like Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Betty Grable and Marlene Dietrich become true legends. They were all beautiful women, but without makeup, they wouldn’t have achieved that extreme level of glamour that still makes us marvel at their images now. The understanding and mastery of making up your face, putting your best face forward, is something that can turn an ordinary woman into a fascinating one, and I think that even with one of two little things, any woman can be memorable.

When and to which occasions do you wear makeup modestly and when do you wear no makeup?

On an ordinary day, I never leave the house without a dusting of face powder and matte red lipstick. It take mere minutes to do, yet looks polished and elegant, and I never have to worry about who I will run into. I love the splash of vibrant color on my lips, it brightens my day. if I have a little extra time, I curl my lashes and apply mascara and a neutral peach eyeshadow. If I know I will be on the go all day and need to meet a friend for dinner, I will add my signature cat-eyeliner and then put a few makeup items in my handbag to refresh my makeup later. I also have my powder compact, a red lipliner and a red lipstick with me in my handbag, no matter what.

What would you recommend women, who haven’t found their own look yet?

I think that it is important for a woman to experiment and play with makeup to find her signature style, and then she should strive to perfect that perfect style. I can do my signature look in under 10 minutes now that I have practiced it for over 20 years. I really love when I see women that seem to have found their own signature, whether it be vibrant lipcolor or gunmetal-grey eyeliner. I know one woman who is so chic, and she wears this beautiful red toned blush on the apples of her cheeks. I know another who never leaves her house without the perfect angular blue-grey lid. I like it when I see women you have their own signature that becomes her daily ritual that makes her feel good about herself.

What do you expect from good make up products?

I’m very demanding, I like rich pigmented color, I don’t like sheer things that don’t make a grand effect on the skin. I love velvety matte but moisturizing lipsticks, colors with texture that looks like a rose petal, with that velvety look. I like lovely packaging. I never want to pull an ordinary looking powder compact out of my handbag, I love the ritual of applying makeup and I like to feel the beauty of the powder compact in my hand, to surround myself with those little luxuries, like having a brand new lipstick. It’s so simple, but quite satisfying. One other thing I love about my line from ARTDECO is that I can put my favorite eyeshadows, eyebrow powder and blush all in one compact which is easy for glamour on the go.