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Pre-order Muse at Decades & Statement from Dita

A statement from Dita Von Teese regarding pricing:

“I’ve launched several brands recently, and I’ve had to make a lot of choices that weren’t always black & white. It is true that my dress collection is a little bit more expensive, and that is because I wanted the linings to be silk and I wanted all the details to be up to par with my vintage pieces with things like embroidered grosgrain waistbands, silk velvet and all the things that make a difference upon close inspection. Unfortunately, those details come with a higher cost to make, especially in this era of manufacturing. I would like to offer a more affordable line too, and perhaps I will, but this first one is a very limited edition collection based on my vintage wardrobe treasures. This line is for those that see the benefit of obtaining one forever piece rather than a bunch of clothes that go unworn. This is one of the lessons I have personally learned over the years, so I decided this would be my first approach. I also felt that in light of my perfume, makeup and lingerie collections being in the more accessible price range, that this was the right approach for this first clothing collection. Lastly, of course no matter what the price point is, someone is going to be unhappy with it. So thank you for understanding my choices. I would love nothing more than to wave a magic wand and offer you full blown haute couture for free. That would be a neat trick, no?”

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  1. Finally…now those of us in the US just need her perfume, which is at the top of my wish list and her lingerie (I still want more…me being greedy.lol).

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