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Dita Von Teese: New xoJane advice columnist

Dita Von Teese Will Be Answering Your Questions At oxJane.com
If you’re not familiar with xoJane, take a look. I follow Deputy Editor Mandy Stadtmiller on my personal twitter account, so I’m already a visitor there and I think it’s fantastic that Dita has agreed to become a columnist!

“I’m just obviously obsessed with Dita von Teese. I mean, look at me — it’s like wondering if the dude with the wallet chain and the pompadour is into Morrissey. She’s like my patron saint. She has Lady Gaga-levels of commitment to her signature look — you will never open up US Weekly to a shot of her in Ugg boots and a hoodie. I imagine she is unable to go camping. But despite her high-maintenance appearance, she seems remarkably down-to-earth.

FOR INSTANCE, I’ve read she does her own makeup, dyes her own hair and doesn’t employ a stylist, ever since one suggested a pair of her 1940s shoes would look “really cute with jeans.” I also love all the quotes I’ve read about her where she talks about the transformative power of glamour, always stressing that she’s not the prettiest or the youngest or the best dancer, and isn’t it great that she doesn’t have to be?

“The truth is that I’m a very ordinary blonde girl from Michigan,” she’s been quoted as saying. And also, “I advocate glamour. Every day. Every minute.”

I love all that shit!

So I am creaming my garters over the fact that she has agreed to be our newest xoJane advice columnist, answering your questions about how to incorporate glamour into your everyday life — from styling tips, clothing, lingerie, body image, confidence and loving yourself. Just leave your questions for Dita in the comments or email them to askdita@xojane.com and she will answer her favorites. And when I say she’ll answer them, I mean with her very own half-moon manicured fingers, because Dita does not do ghostwriting — she made that very clear.”

Emily, So You Wanna Dress Like A Pin-Up Girl PLUS OMG OMG Dita Von Teese Is Answering Your Style Questions

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