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Reveal.co.uk: Dita Von Teese’s sexy new lingerie

Reveal.co.uk: Dita Von Teese’s sexy new lingerie
by Aja Wallis
Friday, November 30, 2012

Dita Von Teese is famous for her hourglass figure and signature vintage style, and now shoppers can get their hands on the star’s range of burlesque-inspired lingerie, based on her own vintage lingerie collection, designed for Von Follies.

We met Dita at the launch party, where the tiny but perfectly proportioned star talked to us about her love of vintage lingerie – and her very special onesie!

“My first job was working in a lingerie store when I was 15, I used to fantasise about my own lingerie line, so this is a dream come true!”, Dita told us.

“I want women to understand that we can have glamour and beauty and functional lingerie all at the same time.”

And what hope is there for us mere mortals to look as good as Dita in our lingerie, at home?

“I rely on carefully crafted lingerie and good lighting to help me look good on stage, and I always advise women to surround themselves with good lighting at home.”

“We’ve all been traumatised by hideous dressing room overhead lighting and there’s no need to do that to yourself in your own home!”

“I have dimmer switches in every room in my house, including my bathroom, you can also paint your walls either pink or peach, and that’ll give you a really flattering look.”

“Use light coming from lots of different angles, lots of lamps. If you’re just using one overhead light, you’re asking for trouble!”

What about her best tip for Dita-style glamour?

“I love stockings and garter belts. You can really glamorise your life by buying a set of black lace lingerie, including garter belt and stockings. It works every time and it’s always sophisticated and elegant and never trashy.”

We couldn’t resist asking Dita if she’d ever dream of wearing a onesie, and guess what? She does! But we don’t think it’s the kind of onesie you’d wear for opening your presents with the family on Christmas morning…

“I have one onesie in my wardrobe but I don’t think it’s the same kind of onesie that you’re talking about!”

“You know when you were a little girl and you had those pyjamas with the feet in them? A few years ago I had a custom made sexy version of those made in velvet with a trapdoor in the back – supersexy!”

As for the kind of onesie we’re more familiar with?

“No, I’m not wearing anything like that!”

The Dita Von Teese for Von Follies collection is available from Debenhams, ASOS and Stylebop, priced from £14.


  1. Are you serious. This new collection is amazing! Oh my I am having palpitations. The Madame X bra set and all the other black lingerie sets including that strapless bra are totally out of this world. Dita definitely knows her lingerie. I must have it all!

  2. lol. I knew you’d love this! I was tempted to write “A Post For Gabrielle” in the title.

    Not sure about dates. It’s possible these are already out in the UK. They’re definitely not at Target Australia, yet.

  3. That would have really brightened up my day. A whole post dedicated to me…lol
    ;-)…how lovely. You know they are just delicious looking!
    I do not know why she hasn’t mentioned them via Twitter yet since the pictures and video are already out to the masses. At any rate I must have that Madame X set definitely. I have a massive obsession with beautiful and functional lingerie, and Dita’s Von Follies encompasses both of those things.

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