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xoJane.com: Ask Dita Von Teese #2

xoJane.com: Ask Dita Von Teese: How Do I Do A Casual Style For The Times When I’m Just Chilling With My Dogs In The Park?
by Dita Von Teese
January 12, 2013

Dita Von Teese has agreed to be our newest xoJane advice columnist, answering your questions about how to incorporate glamour into your everyday life — from styling tips, clothing, lingerie, body image, confidence and loving yourself.

Hi Dita,

First — love you. And I trust you with this question more than I would trust any style icon! I’ve been working the pinup style for years (dresses and pencil skirts mainly) except when I’m bumming around the city on weekends running errands and walking my dogs…etc. How do I do a casual style that’s in the pin-up range for the times when I’m just chilling with my dogs at the park and don’t want to look like a yoga-pants hobo? (Also, bonus, sorta-related-question — how is a girl supposed to find a glam pink lipstick for when she doesn’t want to rock the deep red? I’ve only ever worn deep red lipcolor — seriously, for like, 15 years — and I’m curious to experiment with pink for the above-mentioned casual day.

Thank you!!


Dear Christa,

Every time I sit down for an interview, the inevitable questions about whether I’m ever in comfortable clothes leads me to believe that people think I spend hours glamorizing and that I trot around in high heels and dramatic clothes every day.

(Every single interviewer: “Do you ever just slob around the house in jeans and sweatpants?”)

The thing is that ever since I was a little girl, I LOVED dressing up, and somewhere along the way I made a promise to myself to always dress in clothes I like! But the truth of the matter is that while I love dressing up, and I love the physical disciplines of high-drama clothing, I also enjoy feeling comfortable sometimes, so I have my ways of looking chic at the same time.

On a normal day, I usually wear ballet flats paired with fit-and-flare 50s style dresses, or I pair a sweater or blouse with a slim skirt or capri pants. I also have lots of slim cardigan sweaters in neutral shades. Think Audrey Hepburn — you can’t go wrong with using her casual style as a model for being elegant!

I honestly think jeans can be chic, too, especially when worn retro-style, of course. But for me, at this point, I’m not wearing them because I’m constantly asked why I don’t. After all the constant insinuations that I’m secretly hanging out in sweatpants and jeans when no one’s looking, I’m intent on making a statement that there are countless other ways to achieve glamour comfortably other than succumbing to sweatpants.

In my opinion, it’s part of having good manners to present oneself nicely in public, so please, skip the stained yoga pants and get creative with your casual elegance. And remember, the day you go out looking a right mess is the day you’ll run into the last person you want seeing you look like that!

To answer your question about lips, everyone knows I’m absolutely obsessed with red lipstick. I’m rarely seen without it, but what I really love about red is the vibrancy. I love nearly any lively, joyful color on the lips — colors that range from ruby red, tomato red, magenta, brilliant orange and fuchsia.

My secret to getting a plush, sophisticated pink is to wear semi-matte or matte shades, which I apply over a deeper-toned base of lip liner. I love using a blue-red liner underneath bright fuchsia, which creates a Schiaparelli-like pink rather than an 80s sheer glossy pink.

If you can get your hands on it in Europe, my ARTDECO signature lipsticks in Follies Pink and Demoiselle are the perfect velvety, pigment-rich shades to try, and are gorgeous over my “Dame” lip liner. You might also try my brilliant orange “Bon Bon” lipstick. too. I wear it over bright red lip liner throughout the springtime and summer for a nice bright twist on classic red.



Don’t forget to ask Dita all your style-related questions either in the comments or at askdita@xojane.com.

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