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Fashion Week Daily: Getting Intimate With Dita Von Teese

Fashion Week Daily: Getting Intimate With Dita Von Teese
March 12, 2013

(NEW YORK) Burlesque danseuse Dita Von Teese dodged the drizzle today inside the top level of The Lion, where she showcased her upcoming HSN assortment including two fragrances, Dita Von Teese and Rouge, starting at $20 each and a vintage-inspired intimates line priced between $25 to $45. Expect the sultry lineup to bow online March 17 and premiere on HSN TV on April 23.

You used to be a lingerie sales girl. What was that experience like for you?
I loved that job! I was only 15 when I started, and I never came home with a paycheck because I was always spending it on lingerie—everything matched. I loved meeting women and learning about what lingerie they liked; what they would and wouldn’t wear. It taught me how specific women are with this.

Any particularly memorable encounters?
I vividly remember helping this woman in her late seventies pick out lingerie. She was getting ready to go on a date with a man who she met before WWII and fell terribly in love with, but got separated after the war and ended up having their own families. They were meeting for the first time since the ’40s! I was so touched as I helped her choose the right nightgowns.

How did you choose the looks for HSN?
I’ve had my own collection of lingerie for about a year and a half, so for this partnership, HSN chose some of those pieces that they thought would be great for their customer. I’m a lingerie snob and I’m pretty impressed with what we’ve managed to come up with. We spent a lot of time choosing light fabrics, laces, and trims that really look like they could stand up against my most expensive lingerie.

You’re also offering two scents as part of the HSN lineup. What was your very first perfume?
Love’s Baby Soft. I haven’t smelled it in a long time, but I remember it being really powdery. I think that’s shaped elements in the perfumes I wear now.

What fragrant smells are you not a fan of?
Any cheap fruit sprays. I worked in a strip club for a while and girls would douse themselves in fruit sprays, candy, and vanilla scents. And I don’t like the term “fresh” when it comes to perfume. I can’t bear it!

What scent do you like on a man?
I like men’s colognes that are obscure. I like it when they smell like burning leaves, smoky things, or pine. That takes me right back!

Speaking of men, we hear you met up with designer Harald Glööckler in Germany.
I love him! I went to go see him late one night when I was traveling. He’s outrageous!

What was your first encounter like?
People said he was weird and crazy, but I found him to be touching and sweet. I was with a group of people, and I heard one of them snickering at him. I got all ‘mama bear protective’ over him. And his house is amazing; it’s just so over the top. I get chills when I think about him.

He calls himself the “prince of fashion.” Do you agree?
I don’t know about fashion…He’s eccentric and likes beauty and glamour. He has a very distinctive sense of style.

You also have distinctive style. Have your lingerie preferences changed over the years?
I’m a little more open now. I’ve thought more about different shapes of panties. I like big underwear, a high waist, but I’ll also wear strings.

How much lingerie do you own?
I’ve been collecting for a long time and have a lot in storage. I also collect vintage loungewear, so I have a whole closet with just vintage lingerie and negligees and my most expensive selections like my Mr. Pearl corsets that I perform in. I have at least 15 drawers full of garters, panties, bras, and slips!

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