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Glam.com: Dita Von Teese On Nostalgia, Cup Sizes, and Finding Your Inner Vintage Vixen

Glam.com: Dita Von Teese On Nostalgia, Cup Sizes, and Finding Your Inner Vintage Vixen
By Valis Vicenty
March 15,2013

This week I got to check an item off of my bucket list as I had the chance to chat with burlesque dancer and nostalgic fashion influencer Dita Von Teese about her upcoming collaboration with HSN. The lingerie she crafted was inspired by her own collection of vintage underpinnings and is set to run from Miss & Plus Sizes in all styles, along with her two fragrances. Find out what she has to say about everyone’s current fascination with all things retro and what advice she has for girls searching for their own vintage look.

Q: How did the collaboration start?

A: Basically, I had started this Von Follies collection in Australia; it launched in Target Australia… [I] decided to choose a few pieces and to sell my first two perfumes. We’re going to do the perfumes on air and then on the website [HSN] is going to sell this selection of the lingerie—which is good because these are the pieces that come in up to an E cup. Actually, I think they come up to a G cup.

That’s the one thing I found was the most important to me and even though I do offer up to a G cup, you know, there’s still people who are like “I’m even bigger than that.” But it’s been important to me to try and get as wide a range of sizing as I can.

Q: Were there any elements you felt were too risqué for HSN?

A: They were able to choose what they wanted to sell from the line, so obviously [in] my whole collection, there’s much more, a lot of dramatic pieces, but I think these are all really great basic pieces. In fact, everything they chose are really the things that I wear the most in my everyday life. And of course, they chose a great color scheme I think.

Q: What’s your perspective on the nostalgic kick that everyone seems to be on now?

A: I’m really enjoying it because I think people are becoming more open-minded to a high style of glamour, and I’m happy when other women are discovering the art of creating beauty. That to me is what it is. That’s the one thing I love about that era is that it is about the art of creation.

Q: Do you have any beauty advice for girls trying to find that aesthetic?

A: It’s just important to keep experimenting. Remember, beauty is fun. And above all to realize the things that set you apart from other people are the things that make you exciting. I love when I meet people that are eccentric in their clothing and their style, and I think you just have to have fun with it and remember, no matter what you do, someone will find a way to criticize it, so you have to be happy with yourself and wear what you like and look the way you want to look.

The Dita Von Teese Collection will be available April 23rd on-air at HSN and HSN.com for $25-$75.

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