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‘Fleurteese’ & ‘Erotique’ Questions

Two burning questions from the last few days:

Where can I buy Fleurteese!? Erotique is being released and I can’t even get Fleurteese yet!
I bought Dita’s first two perfumes online, from this eBay store. Just contact the seller about shipping to your country. From memory, the shipping price to Australia was around 10 euros. I’ve been very happy with their service to date.

There is also a seller in Prague shipping internationally. You can even order the first three fragrances together, either in the 20ml or 40ml sizes for a reduced price.

Fleurteese is also available from other sellers on European versions of eBay. There are many sellers who will gladly ship internationally, if asked. Just make sure they have PayPal or you’ll have trouble paying even if they do ship internationally.

Where is the promotional photoshoot for Erotique?
The photoshoot for Erotique took place on August 9 at The Oviatt Penthouse (wiki, facebook) in Los Angeles. I don’t know who Dita chose to photograph her, but Ali Mahdavi and Scott Nathan have both worked on past perfume campaigns. Sheryl Nields is also another possible candidate.

Dita herself will likely announce it through twitter.


  1. Question, When is Dita’s Beauty book (Your beauty mark) scheduled to debut? I think I speak for all of “us” ( the whole world). It’s been post poned so much…..which is a great thing! She keeps adding and adding! Such a gals gal, right?!?!

  2. She mentions working on it from time to time on twitter, but there is no official release date, yet. I’m very much looking forward to it, too.

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