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Le Fil Rouge by Julio Piatti, Tom de Ruiter

Le Fil Rouge (2007)
by Julio Piatti, Tom de Ruiter

Le fil Rouge is a large coffee table book featuring black and white photography of film, fashion and design personalities by Julio Piatti and Tom de Ruiter. Three Euros from each copy sold went to Sidaction. Each photo has an element of red added, referring to the Sidaction red ribbon.

View more from the book at

This can be difficult to find. Prices are generally $120+ without autograph. Fortunately, I found a signed & kissed copy on eBay and won the auction for US$61.

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Dita Von Teese featured in Absinthe: Sip of Seduction

Absinthe: Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide
by Betina Wittels, Robert Hermesch, T. A. Breaux
Speck Press, 2003

Dita Von Teese is featured in The Visionaries Muse section of Absinthe: Sip of Seduction: A Contemporary Guide. The Chapter focuses on poets, painters, playrights and modern entertainers, including 4 pages on Marilyn Manson. Dita is featured on 2 of those, including two burlesque photos.

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Vintage Dita by Peter W. Czernich (2008)

Vintage Dita by Peter W. Czernich (2008)
2008, Hardcover
Published by Edition Skylight

Vintage Dita is widely available, the Book Depository often has the best price.

“This book, a timeless vintage portfolio shows Dita Von Teese between 1996 and 2004, whose rise to celebrity status was just a heartbeat away. Today, Dita is a style icon and admired by countless women everywhere. She regularly models for the big fashion houses and has a permanent place at the Paris catwalks. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the Oscar Awards Ceremony or the Opera Ball, it’s not the same if Dita isn’t there.

This book reveals a side to Dita that is well known to the public, i.e. her fetish for corsets (she has more than 100 tailor-made ones), her fetish for shoes (‘I never leave home without my high heals on’), as well as other fetishes such as bondage and latex. For the front cover of the 25th issue of Marquis magazine, I was even allowed to paint her from top to toe in silver! Dita Von Teese has created a style of classic proportions, and she is certainly in a class of her own. People used to call her ‘today’s Bettie Page’ but the comparison is out of place, as Dita is better than Bettie ever was.”

Peter W. Czernich

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Dita Von Teese : L’art du glamour (2009)

Dita Von Teese : L’art du glamour (2009)
by Dita Von Teese with various photographers

This is the French promotional / limited edition version of Burlesque and the Art of the Teese / Fetish and the Art of the Teese; retitled as Dita Von Teese: The Art of Glamour. It comes in a red box (as shown, with photography by Ramon Estrada) with a dvd. The book itself is exactly the same as the international English language version, just in French with a soft cover.

The bonus dvd features 5 videos directed by Christophe Mourthé. You’ll recognize them from the photo shoots; Oscar Wilde, The Swans, Dita & Her ’39, Dita Bear Rug and Père Lachaise Cemetery (where Oscar Wilde and Victor Noir are buried). These films (and accompanying photo shoots) are available to members of

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Swindle Icons (USA) February, 2007

Swindle Icons (USA) February, 2007
Photography: Albert Sanchez
Words: Gardner Linn

Details & Extras
This is the hardcover edition of Swindle’s first annual Icons issue. Dita is featured on the back cover, as well as on two pages with photos by Albert Sanchez.

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Ed Fox: Glamour from the Ground Up (DVD Edn.)

Ed Fox: Glamour from the Ground Up (DVD Edn.)
All photography by Ed Fox
Edited by Dian Hanson

Ed Fox is a glamour photographer and foot fetishist. Glamour from the Ground Up encompasses his entire career, showcasing much of his work. Three different photo shoots featuring Dita are included, over six pages. All were taken at least a decade ago.

This edition comes with an hour-long DVD, including Dita. An overview of the book is available through the publisher’s website, including further previews. It’s also a multilingual edition, published in English, French and German. A reversible dust jacket gives you the option of hiding the book’s real content.

Glamour From The Ground Up is explicit and may not interest fans who prefer Dita’s fashion and burlesque work. There are however, some truly gorgeous shots in this book, not just of Dita.

This is available through the Book Depository.

Ed Fox talking about his book:

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The Ellements of Personal Style (2010)

The Ellements of Personal Style
25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Dress, Shop, and Live

Authors: Elle editors Joe Zee and Maggie Bullock
Photography: All by Thomas Whiteside except: 147: courtesy of Dita Von Teese; 151 (from left) David X Prutting/; Ullstein Bild/Granger Collection; 154 all images courtesy of Dita Von Teese; 155 (clockwise from bottom left): courtesy of the Center for Creative Photography; 20th Century-Fox/Photofest; Photofest (2); Landov; Clara Molden/PA Wire/AP Photo; Stefanie Keenan/PM; 157: Tracy Morford.

Details & Extras: The other 24 fashion icons featured in this book are: Lea Michele, Erin Wasson, Padma Lakshmi, Fergie, Anjelica Huston, Ashley Greene, Tracee Ellis Ross, Christina Hendricks, Diane Von Furstenberg, Olivai Wilde, Estelle, Yvonne Force Villareal, Margherita Missoni, Katherine Pope, Kate Mara, Alicia Keys, Becki Newton, Candace Bushnell, Janie Bryant, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Fatima Robinson, Minnie Mortimer, Charlotte Rampling and Milla Jovovich.