Fräulein Ehrhardt

Kink in the Caribbean Collection (2003)

Kink in the Caribbean Collection (2003)
Designer: Fräulein Ehrhardt
Photography: Peter W. Czernich

Details & Extras
Kink in the Caribbean is a ‘fetish vacation’ held annually in Jamaica. Dita attended the event in 2002. Dita performed two burlesque shows and modeled for Marquis during the week long celebration.

The 1950’s beach collection, also titled Kink in the Caribbean, was designed by Fräulein Ehrhardt for Marquis. I don’t actually have the 2003 catalogue, so these are just some shots I’ve collected over the years. Shots 16-26 are enlarged scans from Marquis (Germany) #27 2002.

According to this page on designer Katja Ehrhardt, the 50’s collection “contrasted strongly with all then known types of latex clothing.”

There is a shoot available to members of which features more form the Kink in the Caribbean set, including outfits not shown here.

Marquis Fashion (Germany) 2001

Marquis Fashion (Germany) 2001
Photography by Peter W. Czernich

Dita modeled for Marquis’ 2001 Fetish Fashion catalogue, wearing latex pieces designed by Fräulein Ehrhardt and House of Harlot.