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“Charmed I’m Sure” MAC Lipstick made for Dita Von Teese

Arlt also gave us some insight on his storied career as a red carpet makeup artist. As a 15-year vet in the industry, he’s the go-to for gorgeous gals like Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry, Victoria Beckham and retro queen Dita Von Teese. Speaking of DVT, Arlt revealed that the collection’s “Charmed I’m Sure” lipstick was made specifically for Dita since she loves to rock a red pout.”

Natalie Alcala, Touring Marilyn Monroe’s LA Haunts with MAC Cosmetics, Racked

Playboy (Colombia) December, 2008

Playboy (Colombia) December, 2008
Photography: Marilyn Manson

Details & Extras
Playboy Colombia published a pictorial of black and white photography for their December 2008 issue. Two photographs of Dita were included, the second was published as a centerfold. Both were taken by Marilyn Manson. Some of Manson’s photography was featured in Dita’s 2002 issue of US Playboy.

The other portraits include Joan Severance by Mark Abrahams, Shannon Reed by George Hurrell, Elizabeth Gracen by Marilyn Grabowski, Marilyn Monroe by Earl Moran and Stephanie Seymour by Sante D’Orazio.