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There are now two options for subscriptions:

Fan Club Account
This type of account is for fans who wish to have access to the very latest photoset and video material but who DO NOT need access to the entire archive of over 25,000 pictures. Also included: a photoset from the archives which is changed weekly, access to the private message boards where Dita answers your questions, access to the members chat room for any live events with Dita (which occur as her schedule allows) and more. This account creates a exclusive meeting place for fans and also the opportunity to personally connect with Dita but without the additional costs of full archive access.

The images in the fan club account are PG rated only and may not be as explicit as those in the archive account. Nevertheless, you must still be an adult to purchase this type of membership.

Archive Account
($29.95 the first month and then $19.95/mo)
This type of account is for those who prefer access to everything Dita has done for her membership website since it first opened in 1997, including all new updates and archival photos. (Dita has had a website since the early 1990s when the web was first emerging, but a membership area has only been available since 1997). The archive currently contains over 25,000 pictures.

Some of the images on the website contain full artistic nudity. As such, you must be an adult of legal age to purchase and access the content on this website. You must also be able to legally access adult material in your country. If in doubt, please check your local laws. Anyone found joining the site under false pretenses will forfeit their membership effective immediately.

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Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001

Bachelor (Japan) April, 2001
photography by Nicolas Sage

This is quite an elusive issue. It’s just dumb luck that I found it at all. I had seen a very low res preview of the pictorial, but had no idea what magazine it was featured in. I saw a random Japanese adult magazine come up on eBay and knew it must be it.

I don’t know anything about the photographer. There is a Nicolas Sage based in LA, but I don’t know if it’s the same photographer. His work doesn’t seem to be geared towards glamour or pin-up.

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Burlesque and the Art of the Teese Promotional Poster (Signed)

Burlesque and the Art of the Teese / Fetish and the Art of the Teese
Promotional Poster (Signed)
46cm x 64cm

These promotional posters were sometimes given out, and signed by Dita Von Teese, during book signings for Burlesque and the Art of the Teese. I bought this one recently from a memorabilia seller in London. It’s too large to scan; the first image was provided by the seller. The second is just a digital copy of the promotional collage that was floating around online at the time of the book’s release.

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Dita Von Teese by Sean McCall (graffiti) (nsfw)


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Burlesque Tattoo Talk with Pin-Up Dita Von Teese
Sexy Tattoo Tips for Men

By Jodie Michalak, Guide

Dita Von Teese likes a little drama. Whether it be standing up against the wall getting shaved by a straight-edged razor or tattooing a pink bunny on an ex’s leg, she’s a bit of a freak although she won’t express it with body art or modification.

Dita Von Teese appreciates tattoos but admits she’d never get one. Although at one time she begged for a star on her cheek, she instead opted for a single inked beauty mark tattoo.

Unless you count the signature marking that’s defined the pin-up beauty’s iconic look, the only art Dita wears is that of seduction.

Getting ready to launch her Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray tour across the world while fronting her very own cosmetic collection for ArtDeco, the best dressed pin-up hangs up her G-strings for just a minute to talk sexy. Tattoos that is.


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Dita Von Teese Illustrations on Cardboard

Dita Von Teese Illustrations on Cardboard
by fumiwo-tcd

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Collector’s Weekly: Va-Va-Voom Vintage: Dita Von Teese on Burlesque, Fast Cars, and Old Lingerie

Collector’s Weekly: Va-Va-Voom Vintage: Dita Von Teese on Burlesque, Fast Cars, and Old Lingerie
by Lisa Hix
July 16th, 2012

Dita Von Teese wears her status as “America’s most famous stripper” with pride. But to vintage hounds, the 39-year-old burlesque superstar is not just a pretty lady who takes off her clothes, but the epitome of true Old Hollywood glamour. Credited with pioneering the neo-burlesque revival in the early 1990s, she incorporates nostalgia into every aspect of her life. She dresses head-to-toe vintage style, drives classic cars, and fills her home up with antiques, in “mainly a mix of Art Deco meets Hollywood Regency with a dash of Victorian style.”