Sean McCall

Dita Von Teese (1920s Suit) by Sean McCall (nsfw)

Dita Von Teese (1920s Suit) by Sean McCall


Dita Von Teese & Alley Baggett (nsfw)


Dita Von Teese & Alley Baggett (Girdles & Makeup)


These were shot 10+ years ago, probably by Sean McCall. There is another black and white shoot featuring Dita and Alley which I will post soon. There was renewed interest in these around 2009 due to tabloids making poor attempts at creating a salacious scandal. Much like the ‘Bedroom Betty’ lie.

Dita Von Teese by Sean McCall (nsfw)


Miscellaneous Dita Von Teese Photos (1990s)

(more…) Dita Von Teese Interview (2004)

From 2003 to 2008, Sez G interviewed a series of artists and models. The interviews were originally published in Eros Zine, but aren’t available there now. Sez G has since published the archive of interviews at I linked to this 2004 Dita interview not long after starting Pocket Venus in 2007. Since the links are now dead (which is why I try to mirror full articles here, so they’re available for reference) here it is again.

I also recommend the interviews with Sean McCall, Christophe Mourthé, Danielle Emerick, Steve Diet Goedde, Guido Argentini, Katja Ehrhardt, Lisa Boyle, Craig Morey and Andy Julia. All of whom have worked with Dita at one time or another. (more…)

Armchair Dita by Sean McCall (NSFW)